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Here are all of the images for the Alamo City Comic Con Halloween Edition tee-shirts & posters I designed this year.

Serial for Breakfast: HOUNDED (part 3)

After the previous installment, I worked some on what comes next, and moving the story back to the US, specifically Sullivan's New England town...

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Sullivan and his squad adopt Buddy

FLASHBACK #1 (To be inserted later on.)
• Buddy is kicked out of camp and Sullivan takes him to the British who have a kennel.
• Sullivan starts the adoption process and Buddy is flown to the US and quarantined.

FLASHBACK #2 (To be inserted later on.)
• Sullivan follows a few months later and is reunited with Buddy.
• Buddy & Sullivan arrive in New Portland, NH.

New Portland, NH – Today

New Portland Police Chief, Mark Sullivan, wakes up, alone in bed; he rises and walks to the bathroom to start his day. His dog Buddy, lying on the floor, sits up and watches Sullivan enter the bathroom. As Sullivan moves about the house, Buddy watches his every move, following not too far behind.

Sullivan and Buddy drive into town in the Chiefʼs SUV. They park outside thei…

Serial for Breakfast: HOUNDED (part 2, rewrite)

Here's an update to yesterday's post. I re-wrote a few things and finished the rescue scene.

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Now Zad, Afghanistan – One-Year Ago

Mark Sullivan - a Military Police officer in the US Army - is on patrol with his
squad. Sullivan is on point and his squad mates are fanned out behind him, all on
foot. The dirty street is nearly deserted but the squad is still on alert, safety in
numbers is not guaranteed.

Specialist Darby speaks into his radio, “Chief, watch your six. Looks like you’ve
picked up a tail.” The other members of the squad chuckle as Sullivan turns
around to see a dirty, malnourished dog a few steps behind him.

“Well, hello there.” Sullivan says, kneeling down to talk to the dog. “You out here
by yourself?” Sullivan scans the doorways and rooftops for any threats, he then
looks over the dog to see if it might be carrying an IED. “Heads up yourselves,
lets make sure weʼre not having company for breakfast.” Sullivan makes eye

Serial for Breakfast: HOUNDED

What follows is the beginning of a story/book/screenplay that's been rattling around in my head for a few years now. This will be an attempt to actually finish the darn thing! Hope you enjoy…

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‘Turner and Hooch’ meets ‘Murder, She Wrote’ and broadcast on USA network.

A small-town New England police chief and his dog fight crime, solve mysteries and have coffee and pie at the local diner. And, more often than not, the dog is the real crime stopper.

Army reservist, Mark Sullivan, returns from Afghanistan with Buddy, the dog he rescued from the streets. He resumes his job as Police Chief. The quiet pace of life appeals to Sullivan, but Buddy is always looking for trouble. 

Buddy has an uncanny ability to sniff out crime and point his human companion in the right direction. Chief Sullivan appears to be oblivious to his partner’s talent and is often left wondering at the rise in crime in his town and the ease in which he and Buddy can right th…

Serial for Breakfast: The Origin Story

And... I'm back to blog about it.

What is it? I haven't the foggiest, but DO plan to do some writing.

Starting tomorrow morning, I will post the first installment of "Serial for Breakfast". SFB will be a mixed bag of short stories, movie ideas, scripts and what-not, all for you to enjoy, trash, dismiss or start following. No pressure.

And, like all the best intentions, we'll see where this leads and how long it lasts.

It's all original stuff too, courtesy of me and my R.B.S.*

- Allen

*Restless Brain Syndrome

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