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The disappearance of Agatha Christie

I had no idea.
The Guinness Book of World Records lists her as the best-selling novelist of all time, and according to her estate she comes third in the rankings of the world's most-widely published books, behind Shakespeare's works and the Bible. But what Agatha Christie is perhaps best remembered for is her mysterious disappearance in December 1926. Read more about it at History Extra

NEW Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer


A working hoverboard, it's finally here!


Well, this is exciting!

Liongate and Tribeca Enterprises will launch a subscription video-on-demand service during the first half of next year.  Dubbed Tribeca Short List, the service will offer Lionsgate and Tribeca titles along with prestige films from around the world. Tribeca, which operates an annual film festival in the spring, will curate the pics along with contemporary cultural leaders.  New titles will be added on a weekly basis. No pricing, films or staff members were named in Monday’s announcement.
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Walt Disney Animation Studios 'Moana'

Walt Disney Animation Studios revealed plans today for Moana, a sweeping, CG-animated comedy-adventure about a spirited teenager on an impossible mission to fulfill her ancestors’ quest. In theaters in late 2016, the film is directed by the renowned filmmaking team of Ron Clements and John Musker (The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin).D23 • Moana 

Because Star Wars.


Did I ever tell you my Wonder Woman story?

Wonder Woman: The Movie by Allen Pinney
Ancient Greece
Hercules attacks the Amazons but is defeated. Hercules then seduces Hippolya, his men chain the Amazons. Hippolyta appeals to Aphrodite and is freed. But her freedom comes with a price, she must carry Hercules child as a reminder of her folly and the Amazons would always wear bracelets to remind them not to succumb to men. They take the enemy fleet and travel to Themescyra, to start anew.
Somewhere above the Mediterranean Sea, 1941
U.S. Army Intelligence officer Steve Trevor flies his fighter plane across the Mediterraneanin in pursuit of  Nazi spies. Following a dogfight, Trevor and the Nazi pilot crash on an uncharted, mist-shrouded island.
Themescyra – Island home of the Amazons
Two Amazons, Diana and Mala find Trevor in his wrecked plane and bring him to their hospital, though they and the other Amazons show surprise at a man on Paradise Island. Queen Hippolyta reminds the Amazon that men are forbidden to set foot on Paradise Isl…

Saturday Soccer Superstar

My daughter Maddy plays Pee Wee soccer for YMS in PA. Now, I'm parent enough to admit that she's not the best player in the league. BUT, when she's on, she is on! This past Saturday she scored five goals and had one amazingly great assist in her teams 9-5 victory! I hope she keeps playing well and keeps getting better and grows as a player and team leader. Keep up the good work kiddo!

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It's no wonder I'm so easily distracted.

Just like most of America, I have WAY too many social media/online accounts. I find myself attracted to the new, the bright, the shiny, the...


Here's where I'm at:
and now back here; Blogger

I really don't have a handle on all of them, and I probably never will. I bounce back and forth between accounts, never being at all satisfied with any of them.

So, the experiment continues and the time wasted online grows and my life just gets more...