Did I ever tell you my Wonder Woman story?

Wonder Woman: The Movie
Allen Pinney

Ancient Greece

Hercules attacks the Amazons but is defeated. Hercules then seduces Hippolya, his men chain the Amazons. Hippolyta appeals to Aphrodite and is freed. But her freedom comes with a price, she must carry Hercules child as a reminder of her folly and the Amazons would always wear bracelets to remind them not to succumb to men. They take the enemy fleet and travel to Themescyra, to start anew.

Somewhere above the Mediterranean Sea, 1941

U.S. Army Intelligence officer Steve Trevor flies his fighter plane across the Mediterraneanin in pursuit of  Nazi spies. Following a dogfight, Trevor and the Nazi pilot crash on an uncharted, mist-shrouded island.

Themescyra – Island home of the Amazons

Two Amazons, Diana and Mala find Trevor in his wrecked plane and bring him to their hospital, though they and the other Amazons show surprise at a man on Paradise Island. Queen Hippolyta reminds the Amazon that men are forbidden to set foot on Paradise Island, much less remain there. She declares that as soon as Trevor is fit for travel, he is to be returned to the United States. 

During his recovery, Trevor explains his mission and that the world is at war, he asks for the Amazon's help to return to the US. The Nazis are going to release a chemical weapon on NYC and Washington, DC. He further explains the crimes and horrors that this war is unleashing on the world, and that it will be only a matter of time before the Amazons are discovered.

After the goddesses of the Amazons, Aphrodite and Athena appear before her, Hippolyta decrees that an Amazon agent should be sent to the United States to aid the Americans in their fight against the Nazis. Hippolyta agrees to allow Diana to travel to the United States.

Washington, DC

Wonder Woman flys Trevor back to America in her invisible plane and deposits him at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. She wanders aimlessly through the streets of Washington D.C., familiarising herself with this strange new world of men. In the process she foils a bank robbery. The news services call her “The Wonder Woman”.

She then heads back to the hospital to try and find some way to remain close to Steve, she takes disguises herself a doctor and stands watch undetected by the military or Trevor himself.

That night, Trevor slips away from the hospital to try to follow up on the enemy plan in which an Axis stratosphere plane is going to release poison gas over the East Coast of the U.S. Wonder Woman follows Trevor to an Army Airfield.

When Steve can't shoot the enemy plane down, he decides to ram it. Wonder Woman arrives just in time to snatch first Steven, then the Nazi pilot out of the air. The Nazi pilot dies, but not before gloating that, though he has failed, the Axis powers have a secret island where they produce toxic gas that they will eventually find a way to use. Wonder Woman, however, anticipated this and had her mother use the Magic Sphere to locate the base. She and Steve infiltrate the base and release the gas, killing the Nazi agents. One of them causes the gas to explode, though, almost killing Steve. Wonder Woman rescues him and rushes him back to the Walter Reed Army Hospital, where, he dies. 

When Trevor dies Diana returns to Paradise Island, vowing never to return to the world of Man.



Post Credit Sting:

Diana in traditional Amazon garb is alone on the beach of Paradise Island, collecting shells, fishing, etc.
There is a rumble from the skies - over the mountains inland - a boom.
Amazons across the island look up to the skies as a shadow rapidly passes overhead.
Back on the beach Diana has returned to her task as a shadow descends behind her. She stands and faces the camera, not shocked or surprised, merely courious and a little on guard.

"Wonder Woman?" A male voice asks. "We need you."

From Diana's POV we see Superman hovering in the air as Batman, climbs from the Batwing to the beach.


Okay, the chances of this ever happening are SOOOOO slim, well hell, it won't ever happen. The biggest reason is that is takes place in WWII, just like Captain America. And it uses the jump forward in time (at the end) to bring the character into our world, just like Captain America. And so, us ever getting a WWII Wonder Woman origin story are pretty nil. 

Back to the drawing board, and just keep hoping a real Wonder Woman movie doesn't suck! 

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