I still design.

Although the past few years have seen me gravitate toward Film & TV work, and now on to still photography, I actually have a degree in Graphic Design (and I'm not afraid to use it).

Most artists have a perpetual scratch to itch, a need to create (something, anything) even if it's just for themselves. So, we do. And since I suffer from RBS (Restless Brain Syndrome), when I'm not doing any of the scores of other projects and Maddy-sitting duties I have, I still design.

Luckily I have the tools at my disposal to make things, which I do. And I'm lucky enough to have friends who ask me to make things for them!

Most recently I worked with the guys at Double Midnight Comics to produce stuff for their Granite State Comicon. I designed the badges, after-party tickets and an print ad for the program, you'll find them below. Just click on an image to see the larger version.

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