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Denny's really needs to rethink this mascot

Who wore it better, #SausageRick or #BreakfastPoo?



I made a thing

I've had an opportunity to work with Alamo City Comic Con on some tee-shirt designs. Here are the ones currently on sale for their Halloween Edition show. You can buy them here:

Start. Stop. Repeat.

A weird, ongoing battle of the interwebs is waged every time I sit down to blog. I can't seem to keep up the momentum. I get easily distracted, easily lazy and easily forgetful. I believe I suffer from R.B.S. - Restless Brain Syndrome (yes, I made that up).

I have the best intentions and the best ideas, but damned if I can get myself focused long enough to make $#!+ happen.  Facebook, side projects, cons, the kid, the dog, TV, books, comics, ants in my pants, ALL vie for attention and demand immediate action!

So here I sit, once again trying to make this blog thing work. Wish me luck.

distractedly yours, ... SQUIRREL!